Grado LEIJU stairs

Grado Steel Stairs

The most beautiful piece of furniture in your home

The Finnish handcrafted Steel Stairs take the standard and style of living to a whole new level.

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Wide Variety

Our collection is divided into floating, metal balustrade and glass railing stairways. There are six different staircase models in total.

Floating stairs

The floating steps come directly from the wall and seamlessly join into the glass railing. The stairs have no visible frame or visible brackets. The steps seem to float in the air.


Stairs with metal spindle railings

The most striking parts of the staircase are their round spindles. The calm rhythm of the surfaces is like playing classical music in the room.



Stairs with glass railing

The glass railing gives the stairs a simple look and a very light effect.




We value Finnish work

All Grado stairs are designed and manufactured in Finland. For us, Finnish work and professional competence are paramount. The stairs are designed and manufactured in Finland.

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