Beautiful, durable and practical stairs

Contemporary and modern Steel Stairs could be the most beautiful piece of furniture in your home. Stairs and handrails are in the central locations – thus always visible.

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Our collection includes six different stair models. The steel framed stairs are made by Finnish handicrafts.


The LUMO staircase's postfree glass railings give the room a spacious and finished look. The design of the staircase is simple and very beautiful.

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The KAITA stairs, attention is paid to their elegant railing posts. The railing is aerated, so the set is very airy with wooden handrails.

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No screws, no bolts, no visible fasteners. KIDE is a staircase full of simplified modern design and polished details.

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Light as a feather. The steps attach directly to the wall and appear to float in the air. The stairs have no visible frame or fasteners. The LEIJU is very simplified and modern.

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The most striking feature of KANNEL is the railing which extends to the ceiling. The rhythm of the circular railings is calm and exude coziness and harmony. KANNEL steps are mounted directly on the wall.

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The frame, which has a staggerd cut following the steps, is like an old Finnish cable factory. The handrail and steps are made of high quality solid wood, and the most popular wood for the LOFT stairs is oak.

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Our new VALO staircase is spacious and full of light. Steel bar under the stairs makes the staircase stable and streamlined.

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