Charm & Style

The steel frame cut to shape of the steps, gives the KIDE a really fascinating look.

No screws, no bolts, no visible fasteners. KIDE is a staircase full of simplified modern design and polished details.

The KIDE stairs combine traditional handicraft with the latest technology. The stairs can be made straight or U-shaped with landing. The frame of the stairs is made of steel, which makes it very slim (8 mm thickness).

Modern lighting

LED lights are installed to the bottom of the stairs. The lights are elegantly vivid, both above and below, and provide safety for stairs used at night.. Stair lights create a unique ambience. LED lights represent the latest technology in the industry, are warm in tone and energy efficient.

Wooden steps

The steps are made of solid wood. The material used is birch, oak or ash. Steps are usually made with non-slip grooves to ensure safety. The steps and handrails are treated with a shaded oil close to the shade of the parquet flooring.

Grado KIDE stairs

Glass railings

Tempered and laminated safety glass is used for the railing material. The glass is strong and safe and well resistant to knocks. The glass edges are polished for best quality. The glass railings comply with all safety regulations that apply to them.

Technical details

Possible shapes

  • Straight
  • U-shaped
  • L-shaped
  • 90 winder
  • 180 winder
  • 180 winder


  • Postfree glass railing which is 12mm safetyglass
  • Glass is 6+6mm tempered, laminated safetyglass
  • Slim steel frame
  • 90 mm thick steps with LED lighting on the bottom

Materials for steps

  • Birch
  • Oak
  • Ash


  • LED-lights. Electrical input required in the top of the staircase.


  • Can be attached to all wall materials

Special features

  • No visible fasteners


  • Designed in Pirkkala
  • Made in Finland