Lauri Kristo

The idea of ​​Grado was born while I was still in school. My brother built a house and needed a staircase. However, He couldn’t t find stairs that were suitably stylish and functional. I decided to help my brother with designing and producing his stairway. They immediately aroused interest in others, so the idea of ​ starting a company had been born.

My Brothers basement became the first workshop of my company. The basement was so small that the largest wooden boards first had to be cut smaller outside and then carried inside for further treatment.

Over the years, the facilities have changed many times, additional hands have joined, and the collection has expanded. The collection is currently divided into three categories: glass railing, steelrailing and floating stairs.

Grado works closely with Muotokoto, a design agency founded in 2009 by my wife Elina. Elina is Grado’s right hand in marketing and everything related to Grado’s brand and style.

In stair manufacturing we strive for a balance between engineering, craftsmanship and good design. Design is not just about our appearance, it is also about practicality.

We want to develop modern and timeless products for quality conscious use. Our stairs can be found in many architecturally stunning buildings. We also work together with many architects and house designers.

High quality and durable stairs are an honor for us. We do not want to favor a disposable culture. A staircase designed and manufactured by Grado will last for decades.

Finnish labour, workmanship and materials are the keys for manufacturing stylish stairs.

Lauri Kristo

We want to continue to be at the forefront of the industry to develop better designs, experiment with new materials and refine production methods.  We continue to want to keep our curiosity and courage.

We are still a quite small and young company. The workshop still works hard today, the dust floats in the air and the sweat smells. We have a good group of people who are not lacking in enthusiasm.

When you get to see the trail of our work, we hope it conveys the passion we have for our products.

Lauri Kristo