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Staircase maintenance

Grado - KIDE-portaat

Stairs are a major investment. Long life and a permanent beautiful look are reachieved with proper and regular care.

Here are some tips for maintaining stairs. Maintaining good materials can be surprisingly nice!

Glass railing

The glass railing is cleaned with a damp microfiber cloth or window cleaning products. We have the best experience in using Tupperware mint green window blinds. With this, stains are removed with water alone and no chemicals are needed. Contact us for repairing broken or cracked glass.

Wooden handrails

Wipe the wooden handrails with a damp cleaning cloth dampened with Osmo Oil Soap Solution. For difficult stains you can use the solution undiluted. If necessary, treat the handrails with Osmo Care Wax.

Solid wood steps

It is advisable to wipe the steps of the stairs with a damp cloth or mop, for example, during weekly cleaning. Sometimes it happens that there are things that you wouldn’t want to fall on the stairs, like a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner can make unwanted holes and dents on the steps. In this case, please contact us by e-mail, for example, and attach pictures of the damage that has occurred. This will make it easier for us to think together what is the best repair option.