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—Simple and beautiful

Grado - LUMO-portaat

In one’s home staircases are in the most visible of places. The showy form of the LUMO-staircase is uncomplicated and simple. With its design the staircase creates a spacious atmosphere.

Simple and beautiful

LUMO is a very versatile staircase as it can be made straight, 180 winder or U-shaped with a landing. Postless glass railing withstands the knocks of living and lets the light reflect beautifully on the steps of the stairs.

The frames of the stairs are made of steel and are powder coated to a chosen color.  There are many color options available, as almost all shades of the RAL color chart are used. The most popular body colors are white, black and different shades of gray.

Grado - LUMO-portaat

Wooden or metal steps

The steps are made of solid wood. The material used is birch, oak or ash. Steps are usually made with non-slip grooves to ensure safety. The steps and handrails are treated with a shaded oil close to the shade of the parquet flooring.

LUMO can also be made with metal steps which can be tiled, or filled with parquet (tile, final topping not included). This is possible only for straight and landing stairways.

Grado - LUMO-portaat

Glass railings

Tempered and laminated safety glass is used for the railing material. The glass is strong and safe and well resistant to knocks. The glass edges are polished for best quality. The glass railings comply with all safety regulations that apply to them.


The LUMO-staircase does not include the LED lights -feature. As an exception, the U-shaped LUMO staircase can be made with LEDs. If you have further questions, our staff is happy to help.

Grado - LUMO-portaat

Choose your shade

It’s important to remember that the overall appearance of the staircase is mainly determined by colors and manufacturing materials used. Step material options to choose from are birch, oak and ash. Tint the wooden steps and railings to fit with the colors of your parquet or kitchen interior. The color of the body of the staircase can be picked from our color chart or from the RAL color chart.

Explore our materials and color options


The railings get their final touch-up with an aluminium strip or wooden bar installed on top of them. For wall-mounted handrails there are six models, which can also be tinted. The support brackets will also be chosen to fit the color scheme of the handrail.

Handrails and handrail holders

Technical details

Possible shapes

  • Straight
  • U-shaped
  • L-shaped
  • 180 winder
  • 90 winder
  • U-winder

Materials for steps

  • Birch
  • Oak
  • Ash
  • Tile


  • Designed in Pirkkala
  • Made in Finland

Post details

  • Postless glass rail
  • Safety glass is 6+6 mm tempered, laminated glass
  • Collection of different handrails options


  • No LED lighting. As an exception, LEDs can be applied to the U-shaped design. Ask further questions from our staff.


  • Can be attached to all wall materials
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