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We use cookies in our site. A cookie is a small text file stored on a user’s device.

Cookies are used to identify the user in order to facilitate their use of our site, to provide personalized products and to target advertising and analyze how they use our store.

We use both session cookies and cookies set by third parties used for tracking visitors. The session cookies remain on your computer memory for only the duration of your browser remaining open and they are destroyed when the browser is closed. Only the cookies used for tracking of the new and returning visitors will be retained.

Third party cookies

The following table contains a list of third party cookies used on our website as well as for their use, domains where the cookies are used and additional information regarding their data protection and/or cookie policies.

Company behind the cookiePurposeAdditional info
GoogleAnalytics and marketing
Adobe FontsFunctional…

Cookie management

Most web browsers allow you to deny and allow the use of cookies. Cookies are enabled by default on most browsers. You can control the use of cookies in your browser settings. However, note that cookies may be necessary to ensure that some services work properly.

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